Fee Payment


Full payment of the Caution Deposit and Annual fee at the time of admission. Term I Fees have to be paid within 7 days from confirmation of Admission. Payment can be made through a bank draft or ˜at par” cheque. Demand Draft should be made in the name of “Delhi World Public School, Medchal Highway” payable at Hyderabad.

The fee is payable by a new student at the time of admission as per the schedule laid down by the school. The fee payable is subject to change from time to time. Parents will, however, be informed of any such changes.

The schedule for payment of fees for Three Terms is as follows:

Term I + Annual feeBetween 01 June  – 15 June
Term IIBetween 01 Sep  – 15 Sep
Term IIIBetween 01 Dec  – 15 Dec

During the course of the school if T.C is applied, then the caution deposit can be refunded after 15 days on receipt of application and on clearance of dues.

If T.C is sought mid- term for any reason, fees pertaining to that term will not be refunded.